We are very happy about the arrival of JAWY our artistic circle. Your input is essential to work with this machinery as much energy. His professionalism, charisma and sense of humor have made our magic to multiply and the sound becomes Moebio magic.
Here you have a sheet that you know him better …

FAVORITE COLOR: The color black.
SIGN: Gemini’m Zodiacalmente. Although mathematically be positive ground.
LIFE SENTENCE: You can always be much more than they are.
Influences: Rage, Metallica, Offspring, Alterbridge, Pantera, Muse, Shinedown, Jorn and millions of groups that I love.
FAVORITE BOOK: I do not read because I have not found the time to do.
FILM: “Back to the Future”, “Amelie” and “Children of Men”.
ODOR: Homemade food of my grandmothers.


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