Back in the lab …
They have been years of hard work and commitment.
They have been moments of decision and appreciation of many interior sensations that are reflected in the work of a group of artists.

Some roads lead to dreams, others simply separate to seek different goals.
Like the rays of the sun, the directions are different, but light, intensity and, mostly, love endure and burst to reach that sought horizon.

We are currently immersed in new songs.
A new sound, a new attitude. A new MOEBIO.
And that is always joy, that smells of artistic career, continuity, strength, temperance, union… music.
Unleash a special energy, clear the sadness and routine.

Creativity and the desire to be better breathe in a laboratory full of melodies.
Only the best songs on the planet are searched.

There we go.
Karmona, Jawy and Hector.

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